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David P. Dillard


Date: Sun, 6 May 2018 13:37:29 +0000
From: Jon F Mueller <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [socialpsy-teach] TSP Newsletter - Vol. 17, No. 8

Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter


Vol. 17, No. 8

“April 30,” 2018








the e-mail newsletter accompanying the
Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology website at





 Yes, the April edition is coming out the day after Cinco de Mayo.  Something is wrong with this
picture.  Sorry for the delay, but I will try to get you May’s edition…in May!

Activities and Exercises



Attraction & Relationships:  The biology of social connection



Methods: “Using the movies to illustrate the principles of experimental design”









Social Judgment:  Cartoon:  Confirmation bias


Research has found it doesn’t matter where we are on the political spectrum, we see what we want
to see.


The Self: Moral licensing

Here is an example from one of my students: “A classmate of mine said that she did 2 extra
credit assignments over the weekend to turn in on Monday. She said it was a lot of work and it
made her feel really ahead in class. She then exhibited moral licensing when she explained that
because she did those extra assignments, she was going to skip class on Wednesday and asked me
if I would provide the notes. I thought this was pretty funny.”


Topic Resources



Aggression/Gender & Culture: Inside the “incel” movement


“’Incel’ stands for ‘involuntarily celibate,’ an online community of mostly men who blame women
for their inability to get the attention, and sex, they feel entitled to.”  The man who recently
drove the van in Toronto that killed 10 people has been linked to this movement.


Aggression/The Self: “Why do young people join extremist groups?”


Subscriber Michael Britt provides a nice interactive in which he describes how Significant Quest
Theory attempts to answer this question.


Attraction & Relationships:  Attractiveness and income


Interesting study found an income disadvantage for those rated unattractive, but an income
advantage for those rated VERY unattractive


Conflict & Peacemaking:  Identity versus issues


According to this study, U.S. politics has become more about identity with a particular party or
group and less about the issues.  As we know, identity is far more powerful.


Conformity: “Nudging the city and residents of Cape Town to save water”



Conformity: “China’s behavioral monitoring system bars some from travel, purchasing property”


“The government says it is trying to ‘purify’ society by rewarding people who are trustworthy
and punishing those who are not, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.”


Helping: What if you tell people which charities are most effective?


Doesn’t seem to matter much according to this study.  People will choose less effective
charities if they are consistent with their preferred causes.


Persuasion:  Newspaper op-eds can change minds


According to this new study


Prejudice: “What we get wrong about closing the racial wealth gap”


A review of 10 myths about why there is a wealth gap between Whites and Blacks in the U.S.


Prejudice: Black students with disabilities lose 77 more days to suspensions than their White



Prejudice: Muslims are internalizing Islamophobia


According to this report from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding


Prejudice: “The Negro Motorist Green Book”


A fascinating historical document and its modern makeover -- In 1936, Victor Hugo Green began
publishing a guide to tell Black travelers where it was safe to stop for food, fuel, or
overnight accommodations.


Prejudice: “People voted for Trump because they were anxious, not poor”


Anxious, according to this study, because dominant groups felt threatened by change.


Social Judgment: “Humans process opinions we agree with as if they were facts”







How Do You ... ?


Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their
courses? Then send me your "How Do You..?" question and I will try and post it here. If I get
some answers I will post them in the following issue.


Request Line is Open! 

Yes, I take requests; in fact, I encourage them. Are there particular types of resources you
would like examples of? Particular topics you are interested in? Teaching tips? Technology tips?
I want to tailor this newsletter to your needs. So, please feel free to send me your requests,
suggestions, comments and resources. Send them directly to me ([hidden email]) or by
replying to this message.



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