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David P. Dillard


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 15:33:33 +0000
From: Jon F Mueller <[hidden email]>
To: "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]>
Subject: [socialpsy-teach] TSP Newsletter - Vol. 17, No. 4

Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter


Vol. 17, No. 4

December 18, 2017











the e-mail newsletter accompanying the
Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology website at





I did send out a November issue of the Newsletter.  However, there were some problems with it as we switched
to a new email program.  So, if for some reason you did not receive the November issue you can find it in the
archives at




Enjoy the holidays!






Activities and Exercises



General:  Spacing practice in the classroom


Teaching your students the benefits of spaced practice









The Self:  Does ego depletion lead to a loss of self control?



Here is some more research that suggests that it does, and that tries to address problems with earlier
research.  The second link is to an online article about the research.







The Self:  Cognitive dissonance


How does it feel to find out that one of your favorite celebrities is a sexual assaulter/harasser?




Topic Resources



Aggression: Sexual harassment


Some interesting articles describing research on the topic from APS


Aggression: Sexual assault common for flight attendants



Aggression: Police sexual abuse



Attraction & Relationships: “Do romantic partners help or hurt goal pursuit?”


“When it comes to supporting a (female) partner, actions speak louder than words. Try thinking of concrete
ways that others have helped you pursue your goals, and do what you can to help others pursue their goals as


Conformity:  Did Milgram participants realize the experiments were not really dangerous?


Researchers reviewed the post-study interviews given by the participants and discovered some interesting
explanations given by the participants.


Conformity: How movements can get started


Interesting analysis of how the #metoo phenomenon could evolve into a long-term movement instead of just being
a momentary focus


Helping: Whom are we most likely to help?


This article discusses some of the research about whom is more and less likely to receive our assistance.


Helping: “Five reasons people give their money away”


and one reason they don’t


Methods: “Web pages that perform statistical calculations!”



Persuasion:  Better to speak rather than write to people who disagree with you



Persuasion: Foot-in-the-face technique


Not as painful as it sounds, but it could be effective.


Prejudice: Reducing stereotyping/prejudice


This article describes a very clever series of studies that found an effective way to reduce people’s
willingness to blame an entire group for the actions of a few of its members.  If you are going to read one
article today….


Prejudice:  Black men’s sentences 20% longer



Prejudice: Austria legalizes same-sex marriage


I guess since Australia just did, and Austria is next alphabetically….


Prejudice:  Segregation leads to racist voting



Prejudice: Inter-race anxiety can be contagious




The Self: “What is the secret to being more assertive?”


Having self-respect – interesting research that distinguishes between feeling good about yourself and










Technology in Teaching







Aggression: “How society silences victims of sexual harassment” (5:27)



Aggression:  Amusing sexual harassment skit from Saturday Night Live (3:19)



Aggression: An even funnier skit on sexual harassment (3:16)


from the show Portlandia


Gender & Culture/Prejudice:  Humorous video on misogyny (2:11)



Prejudice: New film about Stone Mountain, GA and its links to the Confederacy (10:30)



Prejudice: Talks on inequality from a variety of fields


Videos and podcasts





















































How Do You ... ?


Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their courses? Then
send me your "How Do You..?" question and I will try and post it here. If I get some answers I will post them
in the following issue.


Request Line is Open! 

Yes, I take requests; in fact, I encourage them. Are there particular types of resources you would like
examples of? Particular topics you are interested in? Teaching tips? Technology tips? I want to tailor this
newsletter to your needs. So, please feel free to send me your requests, suggestions, comments and resources.
Send them directly to me ([hidden email]) or by replying to this message.



















































The Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter is published monthly (hopefully) by

Jon Mueller
Professor of Psychology
30 North Brainard St.
North Central College
Naperville, IL 60540
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Copyright, Jon Mueller 2001-2017.

You are welcome to share part or all of this newsletter with anyone you like for non-commercial purposes.
Please pass it along to others who you think might find it useful.

















































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-- Jon Mueller

Professor of Psychology

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