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David P. Dillard


Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 15:36:17 +0100
From: Gary Price <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [ResourceShelf] Newsletter No.415

                Off the Shelf: ResourceShelf Newsletter

Number 415 July 2, 2009


The ResourceShelf Newsletter is a weekly selection of content and
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Greetings from St. Pete/Tampa:

Maybe it's just me, but some technology is...well, embarrassing. I'm
looking at the ALA website and reading about the annual conference,
scheduled for July 9-15 in Chicago. I am seeing:

'Boopsie - Now Boopsie has partnered with ALA to bring you ALA
Mobile - the fastest, easiest way to access important and useful
information about the ALA Chicago show, directly from your cell

Useful? Most likely. But what a godawful name for a mobile

I cringe.

But I think you'll like our Resource of the Week. Everyone loves
aerial imagery, and historical aerial imagery is downright

What might you be missing on ResourceShelf if you don't visit the site
regularly? A lot -- since this newsletter contains just a microscopic
fraction of what we post to the site during the week.

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As always, have a great week.


++ Your DocuTicker and ResourceShelf Editorial Team ++

Shirl Kennedy Senior Editor <[hidden email]>

Gary Price Founding Editor <[hidden email]>

Steven Cohen Contributing Editor

Dan Giancaterino Contributing Editor

Laura Gordon-Murnane Contributing Editor

Stuart Basefsky, MLIS Contributing Editor


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Resource of the Week: Historical Aerials By Shirl Kennedy,
Senior Editor


Here’s another time-sink for you. How could you not love this site?

HistoricAerials.com <http://www.historicaerials.com/> provides free
online access to historic and current aerial photography. You can
view aerial photography from the 1930s through today. Use our
multi-year comparison tools to detect changes in property.

If you just want to look at cool aerial pictures, scroll down to the
bottom of the page, to Points of Interest. Click on the Show
Categories link. Those who regularly follow us on ResourceShelf know
that we kind of got lost looking at aerial pictures of sports stadiums
old and new, such as:

     * Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia (1970)
     * Polo Grounds, New York City (1964)
     * Soldier Field, Chicago (2007)
     * Candlestick Park, San Francisco (2005)

(We were, however, less than crazy about the fact that after choosing
a category to browse and clicking on an image, we were basically
bounced out of that category when the large-size image was displayed,
and we had to go back and start all over again.)

Of course you'll want to click on the Oddities category, although
right now, there are only four images available - Michael Jackson's
Neverland Ranch (2005), a blimp and its shadow (1957), Airliner in
Flight (2002), and the ever-popular 'Boneyard' of mothballed aircraft
at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (2004)

Other imagery categories include: airports, American cities, amusement
parks, construction, landmarks, mansions, military, states, Texas,
zoos. Some categories have only a few images. Others are stocked with

If this was just a collection of static aerial imagery, it wouldn't be
much different from other, similar sites like Bird's Eye Tourist, for
example. But Historical Aerials has a variety of tools that allow you
to search for a geographic area, manipulate the images, extract more
information from them, and look at images from the same location over
a number of different years. A detailed FAQ describes how to do such
things as pan, zoom, find latitude/longitude, measure distance, etc.
You can choose to overlay roads, counties and cities.

Note from the U.S. map on the home page that historical imagery (back
to 1930, in some cases) is available only from certain limited
geographic areas - indicated in dark green. 'Modern' imagery of the
light green areas covers the years 2003-2008. When you initially
display an image, lables on the right side indicate which years are
available. You can use a slider tool to compare images from two
different years.

Note also that the images have the Historical Aerials logo on them.
You can purchase logo-free images, which may then be used for
publications, etc.

Historical Aerials comes to you from Nationwide Environmental Title
Research, LLC (NETR). You may already be familiar with their excellent
directory of links to free online public records searches. (They also
offer a variety of fee-based public records searches and information.)



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