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Reducing Gun Violence in America - FREE BOOK from Johns Hopkins Univ. Press

David P. Dillard

Subject: Reducing Gun Violence in America -
FREE BOOK from Johns Hopkins Univ. Press

From: Gene A. Taft , Johns Hopkins University Press

Sent: Monday, October 02, 2017 4:07 PM

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Subject: [AAUP-L] Reducing Gun Violence in America -

FREE BOOK from Johns Hopkins Univ. Press

In the wake of the most recent, appalling incident of gun violence in Las
Vegas, Johns Hopkins University Press is offering free copies of REDUCING
GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA: Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis
(Johns Hopkins University Press; 978-1-4214-1110-1, 6 x 9, 320 pages)via
our website -



The staggering toll of gun violence-which claims 31,000 U.S. lives each
year-is an urgent public health issue that demands an effective
evidence-based policy response. Written in conjunction with the Johns
Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, REDUCING GUN VIOLENCE IN
AMERICA presents the best available empirical research and legal analysis
to help lawmakers, opinion leaders, and concerned citizens consider policy
changes to reduce gun violence that takes an average of 80 lives every


Recommendations include:


  * Background checks: Establish a universal background check system for
all persons purchasing a firearm. 

  * High-risk individuals: Expand the set of conditions that disqualify an
individual from legally purchasing
     a firearm to include other high risk groups such as violent
misdemeanants, alcoholics, individuals who
     violate domestic violence restraining orders, and persons under age

  * Mental health: Focus federal restrictions on gun purchases by persons
with serious mental illness on the
     dangerousness of the individual.

  * Trafficking and dealer licensing: Increase penalties for illegal gun
trafficking, appoint a permanent
     director to ATF, and provide the agency with the authority to develop
a range of sanctions for gun
     dealers who violate gun sales or other laws.

  * Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines: Ban the future sale of
assault weapons and the future sale
     and possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines.

  * Research funds: Provide adequate federal funds to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, the
     National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Justice
for research into the causes and
     solutions of gun violence.

REDUCING GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA also includes an analysis of the
constitutionality of many recommended policies and data from a 2013
national public opinion survey that reflect support among the majority of
Americans—including gun owners—for stronger gun policies.




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