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Re: [SportMed] MENTAL HEALTH : PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND FITNESS : WALKING: Walk 4,000 Steps Every Day To Boost Brain Function

David P. Dillard

I am a librarian and not a medical doctor.  I am not educated in any field
of medicine, but rather in information science so my comments are from one
layman to another. You certainly should get medical help for this as it
seems this is a chronic condition.  Here are links to search results from
Google that may help provide you with some useful information as there are
other possible causes such as vitamin deficiency and overheating itself
that may cause or contribute to this condition.  You might want to split
the exercise sessions up and have one shorter one in the morning and one
in the evening. It also could be that so much cooling is harmful to your
body and that a cold drink and drying off might be better. A sports
medicine physician would perhaps be a good person to consult with as in
India they must deal with lots of overheated athletes who need cooling
after exercise.  In the United States we have had athletes die from
becoming over heated for too long a period of time.  Here are the promised




Effects of climatic extremes: critical review
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lightly cladand sweating freely Cited by 7 Related articles All 8 versions

[BOOK] Before You Call the Doctor
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  In a hot climate the resting temperature is likely to be a little higher
The skin will usually be pale and blanched because the blood vessels will
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Aeromedical handbook for aircrew TG Dobie - 1972 -
  Stimulation of the system by physical exercise is a good means of
ensuring circulatory
efficiency  (h) SEDATIVES and HYPNOTICS - These cause sleepiness, sedation
impaired mental and physical activity, as would be expected
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[BOOK] Live in the Balance: The Ground-Breaking East-West Nutrition
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  imbalances will lead to ill health. One must adjust to the nature for his
healthy living. A cold breeze
will produce in a man cold, a hot climate will produce sweating.

DISEASES Irregularity in food schedule will lead to indigestion and ulcers
All 2 versions

On a topic like this one be careful of what you read as from fake news to
unsound and clinically unproven content is a danger in at least some of
the sources published on topic like this one.





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Thanks for the kind words to me in your post and I hope content in this
post proves of some help.  I remember hearing this bit of wisdom about
colds sometime ago.  "What do you do for your cold."  "I sneeze when it
wants me too."  I hope you find a way to reduce the number of colds you
have and the cause may or may not be your exercise and cooling regimen.
Since colds may open the door to other and perhaps more serious illnesses,
it would be very wise to get professional medical assistance with this




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On Wed, 10 Jan 2018, Rob wrote:

> Hi! that was a very helpful read. I am from India and it can be really hot and sweaty during
> the summer. I go out running every morning at around 8 when it gets really hot. I suffer from
> a cold quite regularly. Some of friends have suggested that my post run routine is what is
> causing them. After my run i usually have a mildly cold water. this is followed by a 10 to 15
> minutes where i sit under the ceiling fan to cool off the body and then i head off for a
> shower. is this a bad practice? _._,_._,_

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