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David P. Dillard


Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 21:48:34 +0200
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Subject: Re: [Net-Gold] OFF TOPIC POSTING: National Anthems


Re: [Net-Gold] OFF TOPIC POSTING: National Anthems

I attended the Neo-Con U. College of Leo Strauss
in Annapolis, MD at which Francis Scott Key was
also an 18th Century Alumni, and it was received
wisdom there that the song you cited below,
(the one that Key stole the music from for
The American Anthem), was, like 'Oh Canada', also
originally an English beer drinking song.

Feel free to pass that along to your list.

As someone who as a child got a full heaping doses
of the stylings of John Phillip Souza rammed down
his throat, I've always been fascinated how,
throughout the centuries, Governments of the world
have co-opted the power of music to further their

Stirring National Anthems being the best example
of that.

Happy U.K. Seccession Day, everybody.

On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 5:54 PM, David P. Dillard
<[hidden email]> wrote:

OFF TOPIC POSTING: National Anthems

First of all permit me to wish all a
Happy Fourth of July. Now I hope
that I will not be railed at for
bringing up these incidents of posting
that are clearly off the track, although
nobody seems to have raised a red
signal about these posts. There have
been a number of posts about
National Anthems. It all started
innocently enough with Fourth of July
Greetings. Another poster wished
the membership a "Happy Canada Day" and
before one knew what had happened, a
full blown multi-participant thread
about National Anthems had developed.
What makes these posts both off
topic and quite interesting is that
they are occuring on an internetional
Light Rail transportation discussion
list, LRPPro: Light Rail Progress
Professional List that includes among
its membership folks who have run
transportation systems.

LRPPro Light Rail Progress Professional List

So what knowledge and sources have these
railroad experts shared about National
Anthems? Here are some links and some
information and views that
has been shared in this discussion.

Oh Canada has a pretty tune but comes
from a drinking song, horrors.

A river and a Canadian department store
chain are named after Henry
Hudson as well as a large bay.

When Lithuania competed in the first
Post-Cold War Olympics for the first
time since the early 1930's, nobody
could find a recording of the
Lithuanian National Anthem at first,
and when they finally did, it was
played with the Lithuanian flag having
been raised upside down.

The best version of the Star Spangled
Banner heard at a ball game is the
one done at Yankee Stadium by opera
singer Robert Merrill on a recording.

This rendition was sung the way it
was supposed to be sung.

The tune to the Star Spangled Banner
was composed by John Stafford Smith
about 1780 then titled "To Anacreon
In Heaven". Francis Scott Key wrote
the words to the Anthem and the source
for this information that is cited
is the website of the United States
Marine Band.

A real bad situation for the day
before the Fourth of July, the July 3,
2009 Philadelphia Phillies game was
preceded by a heavily gospelized
version of the Star Spangled Banner
in which the singers even got the
words wrong in several places, a fact
that shocked the Phillies play by
play announcers. The Phillies improved
that situation when the Phillies
won the game 7-2 and the game featured
the return after a two year fight
to regain physical health of Rodrigo
Lopez "who was pitching on 707 days'
rest. The right-hander had last climbed
a big league mound on July 26, 2007,
and last walked off one victorious on
July 7, 2007."

A shorter URL for the above link:


Then came a post that provided a
Monte Python medly of National Anthems
that included a couple of "naughty bits."
and this post also cited some
interesting facts including:

"The Star Spangled Banner is just
one of many songs which was considered
for our national anthem. Eleanor
Roosevelt wanted to make "Columbia the
Gem of the Ocean" the US national anthem."

Another post provided these interesting links:

God Bless America Kate Smith

SOA Lyrics
"Anacreon in Heaven"
Lyrics: Ralph Tomlinson Music: John Stafford Smith

Anacreontic Song Piano Version without Lyrics

An executive order by President Wilson
making the Star Spangled Banner the
National Anthem was made law in the
Roosevelt administration.

Russian & French National Anthems



John Williams Score.


Correction to an earlier post, Hoover
was President when the Star Spangled
Banner was made the National Anthem
by Congress.

Now it should be noted that this switch
of topics did not derail this list
from its appointed routes of discussion
as these topic lines also considered
during the time of the discussion of
National Athems will


El Paso, Texas - mayor envisions
commuter rail, LRT

Seattle - Light rail vanquishes
PT Cruiser

Rail round-up: Portland, New Orleans,
Denver, Blackpool & more

Galveston, Texas - rail transit
to be repaired

Cincinnati, Onio - chamber opposes
anti-streetcar vote

MWHSR proposes 220 MPH Chicago-St.
Louis Trains

If you absolutely had to choose:
Gas taxes or toll roads?

Investigators: Repair Work Preceded
Deadly Metro Crash -

Phoenix, Ariz. - All available
LRV trains to be used July 4th

Portland, Ore. - more coverage of
modern streetcar unveiling

Hawaii's Cheapest Cruise Sails
Into Sunset

Trenton, N.J. - tax credit
expanded to LRT stations

Cincinnati, Ohio -- NAACP wants
stimulus funds spread

New Orleans - eight-week streetcar
shutdown starts Monday

Washington, D.C. - planners reject
citizen preference for LRT

Book Review: Charles Tyson Yerkes

Ogden, Utah - editorial: choose
streetcars for university link

Phoenix, Ariz. - sizzling heat will
test light rail starter line

Rockville, Md. - LRT urged for
Corridor Cities Transitway

China's massive renewable energy

Victorville, Calif. - high speed
rail to Las Vegas

Linz, Austria - transit operator
orders 23 Flexity LRVs

Vancouver, B.C. - Bombardier wins
commuter rail contract


I suppose in thinking this over
that a medley is superior to a direct
route without a chance to view some
nice scenery in passing.

A very happy holiday to all.

Net-Gold posting regarding
National Anthems


A shorter URL for the above link:


Net-Gold posting regarding railroads, light rail, etc.


A shorter URL for the above link:


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