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David P. Dillard


Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 11:48:19 EDT
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  Reference research

2000 Statistical Abstract of the United States -
one-stop source for statistical information about the U.S

AFI 100 Greatest Movies

APlus Research & Writing for High School and College Students

Airlines on the Web

Airlines Toll-free

Alki Babynamer -
"Babynamer has a world of information on more than 18,000
names to help you choose just the right one for your child."

AMTRAK on the Web

American Medical Association Physician Select

American School Directory -
database of Web pages for each of the 106,000 K-12
schools in the U.S.

American Universities

Ancestry Genealogy Library -
search over 52 million names; look up by name the birth
and death dates and Social Security numbers of the

Annals of Improbable Research

AnyWho Toll-Free Directory -
comprehensive listing of 800 and 888 phone numbers.

Anyday - Find out birthdays, death dates, and special
events that happened any day of the year

Area Code / Country Code Look-up

Argus Clearinghouse - the premier Internet search library

Ask an Expert

Ask Jeeves* -
site allows you to enter plain English questions, to which
Jeeves serves up suggested web pages.

Astrodienst Atlas Database -
atlas and timezone database which returns coordinates
based on place-name.

ATM Locator

Atlapedia Online

Atomic Clock - U.S. Naval Observatory

*Ask Jeeves is now

Also see:

Awareness Watch Newsletter Researce Resources

NB:  Some of the sites listed here are pay and some are
free. - The Largest Public Records Directory

From the Linda Bee Links Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee Information Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee Reference Collection of Resources

Linda Bee


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