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David P. Dillard


Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 20:17:14 -0500
From: "Barbara Acello, R.N." <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [Net-Gold] TX & SW Articles


TX & SW Articles

Feds strike at Medicare fraud
in Houston area
Houston Chronicle -
United States

Miami:  Eight residents from
Miami were indicted June 26 in
connection with $22 million in
Medicare fraud involving two home
health care businesses. ...


Stolen Medicare cash may
have been sent overseas
Houston Chronicle -
United States

investigators say they have recently
uncovered millions of dollars of
health care fraud in the Houston area,
but they also ...


For Doctors in Congress,
Little Harmony on Health Care
New York Times - United States

As a family doctor, he was familiar
with uninsured diabetic patients who
sought medical care in the emergency
room only when they developed
gangrene and ...


Waltz across West Texas
Austin American-Statesman - Austin,TX,USA

Each museum room is re-created as a
piece of the town: a doctor's office, a
bank, a church, a dentist's office, a
library, a barber shop, a sewing
room. ...


For Texas hospitals that break
the law, the fines are light
Fort Worth Star Telegram -
Fort Worth,TX,USA

A doctor had written orders for medicine
and an IV of saline. But the drug
was never administered, even after a
repeat order marked "now," and two
attempts ...


Good article about wills in general............
using MJ's as an example.

For those who are interested, the
will is here:


and the death certificate (such as it is) is here:


For those who want a high quality
copy of the memorial program without
paying the astronomical asking price
on ebay, look here:


All the right moves
Baltimore Sun - United States

"The problem is there is no April 15
deadline to make sure you do it like
with your tax return," says Steve
Spitzer, a Texas probate lawyer. ...


Harris County jail can be
a model for the nation
Houston Chronicle - United States

Converting inmate medical records
to electronic form is an example of
technology applications we are already
using. When I campaigned for this
job last year ...


People on the move
Tallahassee.com - Tallahassee,FL,USA

Dr. James R. Patrinely was named
a "Texas Super Doctor" by "Texas Monthly"
magazine. Doctors were selected
through a poll of 38000 medical
professionals who ...


Michael Jackson's Doctor and
So-Called Tort Reform
ThePopTort - New York,NY,USA

... Jackson's now famous doctor,
cardiologist Conrad Murray (who had
offices in Texas and Nevada) mistakenly
punctured the heart of a
67-year-old Las Vegas ...


"Barbara Acello, R.N."
<[hidden email]>