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[Net-Gold] 'Miracle' Plane Crash Survivor Back in France

David P. Dillard


Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 03:48:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: St.Clair Marshall <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [Net-Gold] 'Miracle' Plane Crash Survivor Back in France


'Miracle' Plane Crash Survivor Back in France
CNN Europe

Story Highlights

Teenage girl who survived plane crash off
Comoros islands flies back to Paris

13-year-old escaped without serious injuries
but was transferred to hospital

Girl was spotted in rough sea among bodies
and plane debris in darkness

PARIS, France (CNN) -- The teenage girl who
is the only known survivor of this week's
airliner crash in the Comoros Islands arrived
back in France on Thursday.

Bahia Bakari, 13, arrived at Paris' Le Bourget
airport early on Thursday morning on a French
government plane and was met by her father.

She is reported to have been transferred to an
unnamed hospital suffering from shock and a
broken collar bone.


Bakari was on the flight with her mother, whose
body has not been found. The head of the rescue
team in the Comoros told RTL radio the teenager
survived astonishing odds to survive. "It is
truly, truly, miraculous," said Ibrahim
Abdoulazeb. "The young girl can barely swim."

Another rescuer told France's Europe 1 radio the
girl was spotted in the rough sea among bodies
and plane debris in darkness about two hours after
the crash.

Bahia's father Kassim Bakari said he did not
believe he would see his wife or daughter again
after learning of the crash.

"She is a very, very shy girl. I would never have
thought she would have survived like this. I can't
say that it's a miracle, I can say that it is God's
will," he said. He said his daughter was 13. Other
news outlets given different ages for the girl.

Bakari said his daughter had been told her mother
survived the crash. "When I spoke to her she was
asking for her mother. They told her she was in a
room next door, so as not to traumatize her. But
it's not true."

He described how his daughter was ejected from the
plane into the Indian Ocean.

"She didn't feel a thing. She found herself in
water," he told French radio RTL.

"She could hear people talking, but in the middle
of the night she couldn't see a thing. She managed
to hold on to a piece of something."


See my earlier post regarding this airplane disaster:

Rescuers Spot Wreckage of Crashed Plane


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