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[Net-Gold] Basics of Writing for Radio News Broadcasts

David P. Dillard


Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 17:54:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: George Lessard <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [Net-Gold] Basics of Writing for Radio News Broadcasts


Basics of Writing for Radio News Broadcasts
Posted on: 26/06/2009 Broadcast journalism

Even though commercial radio broadcasting
has been around for less than a
century, radio listeners have come to
expect their newscasts to be written
in a particular way. Learning about
broadcast sentence-structure is one of
the foundations for developing effective
skills at radio newswriting.


For more information, go to


Newswriting for Radio

Welcome to newscript.com, the Newswriting
for Radio website. The Newswriting for
Radio website is an online tutorial on
the craft of radio journalism, with
particular attention to the writing of
news scripts.

Since 1996, newscript.com has been
providing creative suggestions and
ideas to radio news reporters, writers
and anchors, as well as to
broadcast journalism students around
the world.


This website is intended for those
who are early in their radio careers,
whether in a first or second job or
still in college or an internship. The
pages assume some experience in radio,
but visitors unfamiliar with some
of the terminology may consult a small
glossary. Although the Newswriting
for Radio website has been extensively
used in college journalism courses,
the website is not meant to replace a
broadcast newswriting textbook. The
Newswriting for Radio website is a
supplement to coursework, and
especially to on-the-job experience.

The site is organized into four major
sections. In The Basics, you learn
fundamental lessons and characteristics
of broadcast newswriting. Three
different newscast formats are examined
in The Styles. You'll examine some
of the questions surrounding what
deserves coverage in the section on News
Judgment. Finally, The Newsroom teaches
you about creating an organized
environment that allows you to be better
prepared for stories. There's
also a collection of links to other
radio journalism websites.

Listen to this script! On several of
the pages, sample news scripts are
accompanied on the right side of the
page by the speaker symbol (shown on
the right side of this paragraph).
The appearance of the symbol next to
a script indicates that you can listen
to a sound file (in the WAV format)
containing the words of the script.
Listening to these files will allow
you to hear and practice the patterns
of voice modulation regularly used
in radio newscasts. Just click on
the symbol to hear the script.