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David P. Dillard


Bing: Not Really Gaining on Google

Bing: Not Really Gaining on Google
JR Raphael
PC World
Business Week

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Microsoft's new search engine has made some gains, but not nearly as
dramatic as the buzz might indicate, PC World reports, citing new research


All the buzz comes from a new search market analysis by Web stats company
StatCounter. Bing, the researchers say, secured 8.23 percent of all
U.S.-based searches for the month of June. (Bing officially launched on
June 3.) The previous month, StatCounter shows Microsoft sitting at 7.81
percent of U.S. searches. That amounts to a month-to-month increase of
just under half a percentage point following Bing's debut.

Google, during that same time span, dropped from 78.72 percent to 78.48 of
U.S. searchesa decrease of 0.24 percent, according to StatCounter's data.
Looking back to April, the difference becomes slightly less apt to be
obliterated by a sneeze: Google's two-month drop amounts to 0.59 percent,
while Microsoft's April-to-June gain comes out to 1.02 percent.

The Bing Picture

The numbers, obviously, are quite smallbut perhaps more important is the
fact that zeroing in on such a short period of time makes it difficult to
reach any real conclusions. Sticking with StatCounter's data, you'll find
that Google's market share has actually fluctuated fairly regularly over
the past several months. In March, for example, Google randomly dipped
down to 76.49 percent of U.S. searches. Then, it bounced back to 79.08 a
month later. Why? Who knows. But it wasn't because of Bingthat word hadn't
even entered our vocabulary as a proper noun at that point.

What this appears to indicate is that, whether as a result of shifting
usage or margin of error within the measurement, the numbers do bounce
around occasionally. Putting too much stock into a minor two-month change,
then, seems a bit premature.


The complete article may be read at the URL above.

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