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INTERNET: COMPUTERS: SAFETY: "HOW-TO": Protecting Your Computer

David P. Dillard


Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 14:13:04 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: INTERNET:  COMPUTERS:  SAFETY:  "HOW-TO":  Protecting Your Computer


Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 13:16:15 EDT
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Subject: INTERNET:  COMPUTERS:  SAFETY:  "HOW-TO":  Protecting Your Computer

"HOW-TO": Protecting Your Computer

Safety on the Internet-Protecting your computer from viruses, worms, adware,
spyware, Trojan Horses, crackers, spam, phishing


How secure are our computers? We are continually bombarded
with warnings about new viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
Every few days another security patch for Windows seems
to be necessary. To add to our problems, various new ways
of invading our privacy or ripping us off are constantly springing
up. Spyware and adware are being planted on us, crackers
are breaking into our machines, email is full of spam and
phishing scams. We seem to be under constant assault.

Short of never going online, what can the average PC user
do for protection? Dire as it sometimes seems, the situation
is by no means hopeless. This site is dedicated to helping
the average PC user make full and safe use of the Internet.
Here is a collection of pages outlining defenses against the
various threats and annoyances and the steps that can be
taken to ensure that we continue to enjoy the Internet.

Viruses and worms
Trojan horses and crackers
Spyware and adware
Email problems
Read email safely- Dealing with Attachments and Web Bugs
Slide show- Tutorial on Making Outlook Express Safer
Cookies- Function and Management
Advanced cookie management in IE6 and IE7
Cookie management in Firefox
Making Internet Explorer Safer
Table of default settings for all security zones
Figures showing all possible settings of security zones in IE6
The hidden "My Computer" zone
Comparison of the "Internet" zone in different versions of IE6
"Internet zone" settings in Windows XP SP2
Recommended settings for increased security
How to add sites to the "Trusted" zone
What ActiveX is
Pop-up blocker and Add-on manager in Windows XP SP2
Slide show- Tutorial on Making Internet Explorer Safer
Security Features in Internet Explorer 7
Figures showing security settings in Internet Explorer 7
Recommended settings for increasing security in Internet Explorer 7
Quick and easy way to configure settings for ActiveX
Comparison of settings for Internet security zone in IE 6 and IE 7

From the Linda Bee Internet Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee Computer Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee Safety Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee 'How-To' Collection of Resources
From the Linda Bee Reference Collection of Resources

Linda Bee


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