COUNTRIES: HONDURAS: Honduras Coup Leaders Block Ousted President's Return

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COUNTRIES: HONDURAS: Honduras Coup Leaders Block Ousted President's Return

David P. Dillard


Honduras Coup Leaders Block Ousted President's Return

Honduras Coup Leaders Block Ousted President's Return
  Military vehicles on runway force plane to turn away
  Two dead as protesters clash with police at airport
Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent
Monday 6 July 2009 08.36 BST

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Coup leaders in Honduras thwarted President Manuel Zelaya's attempted
return early today by blocking an airport runway with military vehicles,
forcing his plane to divert to Nicaragua.

Thousands of the ousted leader's supporters clashed with police and
soldiers at the airport, leaving at least two dead and dozens injured.

Zelaya flew home in an attempt to mobilise his followers and reclaim power
from the institutions  the army, congress and the supreme court  that
toppled him on 28 June. They ordered him to stay away and said that if he
managed to enter Honduras he would be arrested.

Speaking to TV stations by telephone apparently from his plane's cockpit,
Zelaya appealed to the army to return its allegiance to him "in the name
of God, in the name of the people, and in the name of justice". He added:
"Today I feel like I have sufficient spiritual strength, blessed with the
blood of Christ, to be able to arrive there and raise the crucifix."

It became clear the plane  lent by the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chvez,
Zelaya's leftist ally  would not be able to land. "They are threatening
us, saying we'll be intercepted. If I had a parachute, I would jump off."


The complete article may be read at the URL above.

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