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COMPUTER: OPERATING SYSTEMS: Reflections on a Chrome-Plated World

David P. Dillard


Reflections on a Chrome-Plated World

Reflections on a Chrome-Plated World
By Katherine Noyes
Part of the ECT News Network
07/13/09 4:00 AM PT
Tech News World

Though by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the places we
found discussions of the Chrome OS:

[Links Included at the Above URL]

All About Linux;
Linux Loop;
Linux Today ;
LXer -- in in one, two, three and four separate threads;
One Click Linux;
Junauza ; and
Digg -- not just one, not two, but three times.

'I Welcome Our Google Overlords'

That Google's original announcement drew more than 5,300 Diggs and 650
comments by Friday is some small indication of the level of excitement
that's going on here.


'I Don't See It Moving to Real Desktops'

"Given the little amount of information we currently have on Chrome OS,
there is little that can be said on it at the moment," Fred Albrecht, a
Linux freelancer and Slashdot blogger, told LinuxInsider.


'It's Not Going to Change the World"

"I'm tired of hearing news about Chrome OS," Slashdot blogger Mhall119
told LinuxInsider. "It's Linux with a new window manager. Great. It could
be very nice, it could suck really bad. Either way, it's not going to
change the world, and we won't know anything anyway until it's released.

"The part that really ticks me off, though, is that while NPR devoted a
20-minute segment to talking about it, not once did I hear mention of
Linux or Open Source," Mhall119 added. "It's like there's a media fear of
the name Linux -- they can't even bring themselves to mention it."

To succeed, "Chrome OS needs open source users and developers to compete
with the massive number of Windows users and developers," he noted, "but
if Google pretends it has nothing to do with Linux or Open Source, they
won't be getting any."


Google's entry into the GNU /Linux space with Android and Chrome OS "are
natural extensions of what people do on the web today," Pogson told
LinuxInsider. "What M$ does tying everything to one supplier with per-seat
licensing is an unnatural use of the technology to funnel money to a
single corporation. Google's work accomplishes the commercialization of
GNU/Linux in a very open manner."


The complete article may be read at the URL above.

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